P11-Underwater Projectile

In the German Ministry of Defence the report "Drag reduced running of bodies of revolution within cavitation bubbles" (Lit.5) was delivered for expertise to the computing center of the German Federal Armed Forces and another famous research institution. Both institutions evaluated the report negative and unsettled the employer.

In this time the employer invited Commander Schmitz from Wilhelmshaven to visite Schwartzkopff Bonn. Commander Schmitz was responsible for the armament of the undersea divers.

Some demonstration tests in the basin of Schwartzkopff were so convincing that Commander Schmitz raised a tactical demand for a underwater weapon for undersea divers. At that time this demand was a courageous step because this demand with the the required spezifications seemed rather utopistic.

This tactical demand was a requirement for a weapon development of the Federal Office Defense Engeneering and Acquisition in Koblenz. Schwartzkopff received a rapid order so that the development could start still in 1975.

A handgun P11 was provided by Heckler & Koch. This gun was waterproof so it could be transported in water. But it could only be used outside of water.

In spring 1976 the first version of the new underwater ammunition could be tested by undersea divers on the proving ground in Linz near Bonn.
Bild-Artikel vom 21.4.1976In the test ground, a closed basalt quarry, a lake was situated. On floating bodies hung a plastic bag (length 44m, width 11m, depth 8m) filled with filtered water, so good visibility was provided.

In this basin the first proving of the new ammunition was arranged.

By indiscretion the BILD-Journal got some information which were published april 21, 1976. The adjacent article caused some excitement, because the project was classified as secret. The cause of the indescretion was a undersea diver, who was engaged in the proving tests.

"Wonder Weapon" for the Navy
Eckernförde, april 21
Soon they also can fire under water. Within this year the 40 undersea divers of the Federal Navy in Eckernförde shall get a "Wonder Weapon". In years army technicians developed a special handgun that can be fired under water like a normal gun. The projectiles are similar to a spike of a harpoon.

After closure of proving and introduction of the underwater ammunition in the German Federal Armed Forces the possibilities of fast motion in cavitation bubbles had to be accepted also from very sceptical people.

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